At “Knjaz Mihailo” barracks in Nis, a closing ceremony for “MEDCEUR 2009” was held today. The closing ceremony was attended by the Head of the Military health Care Department Brigadier General Veljko Todorovic and the commander of 3rd brigade Colonel Cedomir Brankovic.

Minister attends MEDCEUR 2009
Minister of Defense Dragan Sutanovac attended the practical part of the military medical exercise MEDCEUR 2009. The exercise was also observed by the Charge d Affairs of US Embassy Jennifer Brush, Chiefs of Defense of Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro, LTG Miloje Miletic, General Josip Lucic and Vice Admiral Dragan Samardzic respectively, along with Major General Robert Baillie of EUCOM, Assistant Minister of the Interior Predrag Maric and state secretaries in other state ministries, foreign military representatives accredited in Serbia, NATO MLO reps, and the representatives of the Red Cross of Serbia and the International Red Cross.

The Minister of Defense Dragan Sutanovac and SAF GS Chief LTG Miloje Miletic will attend the practical part of the military medical exercise MEDCEUR 2009 on Thursday, 10 September 2009 at Nis military airfield at 10:00.

Seminar on civil-military cooperation and civil-military affairs
Within the military-medical exercise MEDCEUR 2009, a seminar on “Civil-military cooperation (CIMIC) and civil-military affairs” started in “Knjaz Mihailo” barracks in Nis which will last by 8 September 2009 The lecturers at the seminar are the members of the armed forces of the USA, Serbia, Germany, and Poland, as well as the Red Cross of Serbia experts and of the MoD Department of Emergency Situation. The number of seminar attendees is 70 where the majority of them come from Serbian armed forces, Serbian Red Cross and other Serbian ministries.

SAF Chief of the General Staff Lieutenant General Miloje Miletic toured the military-medical exercise MEDCEUR 09
SAF Chief of General Staff of Lieutenant General Miloje Miletic visited today participants of international military-medical exercise MEDCEUR 09 at barracks “Aerodrom” and “Knjaz Mihailo” in Nis. At the beginning of the visit exercise co-directors Lieutenant Colonel Goran Desancic and Colonel Timothy Braun introduced Lieutenant General Miloje Miletic to date activities and planed contents for the incoming days. Afterwards General Miletic visited the command of the military-medical exercise, expert lectures and the provided area for conducting the practical part of the exercise.

MEDCEUR 2009 starts
In "Knjaz Mihailo" barracks in Nis an international military medical exercise MEDCEUR 2009 started which will last from 2 to 13 September, with more than 500 participants from 14 countries which will practice joint actions in providing relief and support to mass casualties and the injured in the natural disasters. The opening ceremony was attended by State Secretary Zoran Vesic, Head of the Health Care Department Brig. Gen. Veljko Todorovic, Head of the MMA Major General Miodrag Jevtic, Deputy JOC Commander Brig. Gen. Milan Mojsilovic and Colonel Timothy Brwon from the EUCOM.

Interview with Brigadier General Milan Mojsilovic
In order to become an active and reliable partner in the international system we have to possess certain capabilities. They cannot just appear of their own free will, but must rather grow and be built. It is a long process, and one of the mean to reach this goal is the upcoming exercise Medceur 2009. It represents an ideal opportunity to present our capacities and preparedness to other armies, since a large people of the representatives of NATO and PfP member states will take part in the exercise. When it comes to our military medical service, it can send a message via this exercise that we have military medical capacities we can be proud of, as Brig Gen Milan Mojsilovic, DEPUTY JOC Commander has stated in his interview to ODBRANA magazine.

The opening ceremony for MEDCEUR 2009 military medical exercise will be held on Wednesday, 2 September 209, in Knjaz Mihailo barracks in Nis at 09:15 hours. The exercise will be opened by Zoran Vesic , State Secretary in MoD, and this will be followed by media statements.

Preparations for military medical exercise “MEDCEUR 09”
Preparations for the start of one of the most important activities of MoD and SAFthis year, the MEDCEUR 209 military medical exercise are being finalized. At Car Konstantin airfield in Nis and the barracks Knjaz Mihailo 100 out of planned 600 participants have already been stationed.

Military medical exercise “MEDCEUR 09”
On 15 June, The final plan conference of MEDCEUR 2009 military medical exercise was held in Nis, which represents the final stage of preparations for the international exercise scheduled for early September in Nis.